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The very first love team that I really admire & love. I’ve been a fan since Starstruck days. I’ve collected cut-outs from newspapers and magazines, some were given by my best friend. This one was also given last 2004 and was posted on my cabinet. I will be a forever fan of this pair. #flashbackfriday #fbf 💜💕

So I was arranging my drawers and I saw these. It’s been a long time since I take a look at all these things from high school. From seat plans, test papers, pencils and pens, projects, earphones, old fan, newspapers, cupcake which I didn’t eat because it was from someone I liked, candy/chocolate wrapper, IDs, stuffed toys, flower, boxer brief and letters given by my friends(some of them were jejemon back then) Hahahahaha! All of these had sentimental values but I have to let go some of it. To my realization, upon reading those messages for me, I was able to give them happiness and laughter. ❤️❤️

It was my first time to go up here and BFF told me that they have fried noodles so we went without any hesitations. I haven’t eat it for a long time and of course, photo op!!! I’m satisfied! 👍🍜😄 (at Beehive Plaza)

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